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Computer modeling has a wide and varied range of applications. The programs that facilitate it are equally wide-ranging, spanning the difficulty scale from super-easy (think Google's version, SketchUp) to tear-inducingly complex. StarUML is definitely in the latter category. Novices, take note: It's possible to learn this program, but not without a signifiant time commitment. Be prepared for a steep learning curve. The good news is that once you have learned it, StarUML will deliver top of the line results in terms of professional-grade quality.

StarUML's power lies in its unique Model-Driven Architecture, a sort of "hub program" which, in tandem with the various plugins it supports, allows the user to work with and produce very complex models. Speaking of plugins, the range of third-party plugins supported by StarUML is truly impressive. The idea is that StarUML can run almost any user-generated plugin, as long as it's in a supported language like C++, Delphi, and so on.

Obviously, StarUML is possessed of both positive and negative attributes, just like all technology. You can read about both the pros and cons of StarUML below.


StarUML is a fantastic program if your goal is to produce quality, professional models. It also gives you great flexibility in the creation of plugins. On top of that, it's totally free to download and use.


StarUML is definitely not for the beginner. It takes time to learn and master the ins and outs of the program, and what's more, the use and creation of plugins, the use of which is a necessity, require programming knowledge. It is also Windows-only.

StarUML is a great program, but it isn't for everyone. However, with the preceding review in mind, you should have all the information you need to judge its usefulness on a personal scale for yourself.


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